WHAT WE DO         


The principal activity of our Company is the manufacture of metal stamps, badges & medallions, precision engraving and machining.

We manufacture a variety of badges and Medallions, including Club, Award, Lapel and Key-rings. We also specialise in Furniture badges.



We can manufacture raised or sunk letter stamps and inserts with a letter size from 0.3mm for the Jewellery Trade to over 50mm for Heavy Industry.

Our stamps or heat marking dies can be made from a range of materials including:-

TUNGSTEN CARBIDE & HIGH SPEED STEEL - for stamping red hot materials.

HARDENED TOOL STEEL - for general purpose stamps.
BRASS - for heat stamping dies and coding inserts.

For general work one of our standard typefaces is used, but with our CAD/CAM system the customer requirements are easily met. Low stress, QA and Test Station stamps are included.

We manufacture roll marking dies from under 12mm diameter to approximately 200mm diameter. (The larger diameters are restricted in length.)

As well as raised letter rollers we can engrave around the circumference of diameters of less than 3mm up to 150mm diameter with characters 0.5mm high upwards. Various patterns to suit your embossing requirements can also be engraved.

Automatic and manual numbering heads are manufactured on our premises and can be made to suit your individual requirements, wheels with any combination of alpha-numeric etc.

Replacement wheels can be made to suit most other brands of stamping heads, engraved to your needs.


We can engrave on most materials from plastic to marble.

Although we do not specialise in plastic signs, these are well within our capabilities and a small range of engraving laminates are held in stock.

Plastic injection moulds or inserts can be engraved with logos etc, flat, curved or contoured surfaces are all catered for.

EDM electrodes can be engraved to customer requirements, (Copper-Tungsten or Copper).



We have Electric Discharge Machining & Wire Cutting capabilities and can cater for machining on medium sized dies and inserts.

Our fully 3 dimensional CNC machine has a work area of X 500mm Y 400mm Z 140mm and is equipped with a fourth axis (Rotary axis).

The spindle speed is up to 25,000 RPM which makes it ideal for your fine machining needs.


CAD/CAM Programming

We have various CAD/CAM packages including POWERMILL, POWERSHAPE, (formerly DUCT) & ARTCAM.

We are currently implementing a Quality Assurance system to ISO 9002.

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